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Brian R. Bledsoe has successfully recovered large sums for his clients.  Many times insurance companies attempt to settle claims less than what our client is entitled.  Further, insurance companies will dispute liability when a client is unrepresentated in an effort to "bully" them.  At Brian R. Bledsoe, we aggressively fight the insurance company for you.  

Car Wrecks, 18-Wheeler Wrecks, Premises Liability, Product Liability 


Many times clients call Brian R. Bledsoe, PLLC because they have a general problem.  The problem may be a civil or commercial problem, but they do not know how to solve it.  At our firm, we provide general civil and commercial litigation.  We also provide solutions to problems to any problems you may have.  Give our firm a call today to see if we can help you.

General Civil and Commercial Litigation, Problem Solving


Planning for the worst is not always a subject many people enjoy discussing.  However, it is not only important, but the responsible action to take in regards to your loved ones.  At Brian R. Bledsoe, PLLC, we have an extensive history of working with families to ensure that our clients and their families may rest easy knowing that all legal issues are handled. 

Will Drafting and Probates


Contractual General Counsel Services

We provide a personal relationship to you and your company. We know how important your business is to you.  We know that you need an attorney on your team. We also know that a general counsel can be an expensive team member. Our firm has designed a boutique service that caters to all different sizes of businesses and needs.  Contact us today about our contract general counsel services.

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